martedì 8 settembre 2009


I have been trying to arrange a - very well-organized, for my standard - hair tutorial post: I wrote the theorical part, I decided the page setting, and all.
But something went wrong during the process, and
- my 13-years-old brother, who was supposed to be the Helmut Newton of the situation, had been too occupied (not) worrying for an exam, and (not) studying for it.
- my hair refused to obey to anything but the force of gravity, and sadistically hammered away at bobbypins for a week.
- my wondrously well-ordered post mysteriously vanished into ether.

So, I had to think about something else to fill the hiatus... And, yes, I know, the beginning sounds like a homework assignment ("Yesterday I woke up, had breakfast..."), but with that kind of preface, I ask you to go easy on me, this time!

Sunday morning I had been visiting, as usual, an antique/second-hand market. The night before I prepared myself to the event wearing pincurls, and I wore my blue dress, white shoes and my favourite 1950s sunglasses (oval black lenses, cream white bakelite frame).

I managed to spend less than 20€, and I bought three dresses, a purse and a cardigan.

One of the dresses was a vintage - I think late 1970s - one; not an eye-catcher, though I find it pretty cute, with its cream undercoat and its (umpretentious, but lovely) checked, black and cream tunic!
The lady who sold me this dress asked me if she could take a photo of my outfit, and I - obviously! - assented with pleasure.
She gave me a little discount, too... And I - obviously again - agreed with (great) pleasure once more!

The cardigan was something
rétro-ish, too.
Salmon pink, fitted, with rounded metallic buttons and a neat neckline, it istantly reminded me a lot of Doris Day for its colour, shape and neck.
Isn't it the perfect sweetheart, girl-next-door fall item?

I bought this purse - lacquer red, patent [fake] leather - on my way home.
I took a glance into a 99 cent store and I saw it.
Yep, I know what you're thinking, and I was puzzled, too.
But I payed it 99 cents, and I'm actually very happy about it.
There I bought some colorful stickers, too (a pocket of glittery sweets, including lollipops, cupcakes and candies; and a "paperdoll" one, with little colored dresses, purses, shirts and bikinis).
But, being grown-up and mature, I pretend I bought them for my younger brother (11 years old); who, to tell the truth, actually sticked a bright green lollipop and a shimmery red and yellow cupcake on his diary - but is pretty uninterested about the tiny skirts and the pink, or gingham microscopic underwear!

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  1. What delightful finds! I have a cardigan (from Forever 21) is a very similar hue. It's turned out to be surprising versatile and works well with everything from navy to grey, beige to some shades of purple.

    Have a beautiful day, sweetie - big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wasn't that frustrating, when your post vanished? That happened to me once, and of course I decided that it was the best post I had ever written. I finally figured out that I had started to write it in the drafts section of a 2nd blog of mine by mistake, so it wasn't there in Drafts when I went to the blog where I though I had written it. Here it is, by the way, in its final, rescued, form: