mercoledì 7 ottobre 2009

The Italian Job

People, I've got a new job.
Yeah, lots of you didn't even know that I was looking for it, but - I don't know why, maybe for some sort of supertitious fear, I didn't want to talk much about it.
Actually, this year I already worked for three different societies (no, I was not fired three times, it's just that my employment contracts were fixed-term ones), being a secretary, a tax consultant, and a waitress; now, it's time for me to try a new field.
Drums roll...
I'm an insurance agent.
Are you scared?
... I am.

First of all, just to make me feel comfortable, they told me I am supposed (read: forced) to ask (read: beg) all my relatives and friends to.... Er, take into consideration the idea of insuring themselves with my agency.
Secondarily, I've been warned that I will work on commission: that is a nice way to say 'no contracts signed, no money'.
That makes me fear that I will be soon pennyless - and, in addition to that, my friends will hate me because I've stressed them out.
What's more, I will drive around the whole province with my poor, clapped out car, that's going west [my poor, loyal friend - don't leave me yet!].
And I hate driving. Just for the record.

Above all, I am really afraid that it will end up being a door-to-door kind of job, the one that will get people look at your faltering smile, document wallet and dark suit and, even before you can say "Hello", will shout: "Get off my property, you swindler!"

So, why am I committing myself to do that...?
Well, because there's nothing else, primarily.

At least, I can go around all dressed up.

PS: we're not con men, for the record. Our products are quite good.
By the way... Any of you is interested in joining a supplementary welfare fund?

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  1. Hi! You asked me about my bangs and I just thought I'd let you know that I use a rat like Fleur did in her tutorial. =D
    -Andi x